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Giacomo Ulivi

Last month our school organized a series of events to commemorate the 60 years since the death of Giacomo Ulivi, the man after whom our school is named.

It was an opportunity for many of the students to learn more about this very special young man whose life can be an inspiration to young people who still believe that something can be done to make this world a better place for everybody.

Giacomo Ulivi was only 19 when he was imprisoned, tortured and executed for his political activity in the partisan groups which fought against Mussolini's rule in Italy.

This bright, sensitive law student wrote a letter to his friends, a sort of spiritual testament, in which he analyses the factors which led to the fascist regime and urges people to take an active role in the political life of the country.

I have translated a few paragraphs from his powerful letter:

“That was our fault: why did we, the Italian people, with many centuries of experience, emerged from a wonderful process of liberation, in which none other than our grandfathers displayed qualities that were unique in Europe and an attachment to the public thing, that is to oneselves, relinquish all our rights for a few vacuous, bombastic words?”

“If we think about it, our interests and that of the “public thing” in the end do coincide.”

“Do not say that you are discouraged, that you don't care any more, just think that everything happened because you stopped caring!”

February 2005 
Linda Gafaro Barrera, 3B – Parma (Italy)